Corrective and Rehab Exercises

Corrective exercise rehabilitation

Questions your practitioner will ask about any condition you may have?

  • What brought it about? 
  • When did you first experience it?  
  • Is there any pain associated with it, if so what is the severity of pain? 
  • Type and location of complaint, discomfort or pain? 
  • How restricted is the movement surrounding the affected area? 

The signs and symptoms of a particular condition will be assessed and diagnosed by a Chinese medicine practitioner, with the appropriate treatment prescribed for each specific and individual condition.

To ensure you receive the best professional treatment, always consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner.


As a general rule, Chinese medicine treatment helps to ‘fast track’ your recovery time, getting directly to the point of the underlying condition and/or injury.

Chinese medicine has the ability to treat locally and distally from the site of the complaint; depending on the individual, the condition, duration and severity. 

The body has the capacity to ‘manufacture’ its own natural pain killers, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones; by stimulating the body to release these natural, in-built chemical healers. 

The sooner you begin treatment, the less time you’ll likely need to recover fully.

  • Lessening the effect of bruising 
  • Reducing swelling
  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Removing pain
  • All while increasing range of motion


One of the great benefits of Chinese medicine is its natural immune-enhancing ability, utilising and facilitating the untapped potential that exists within us all. 

The physical and mental response created by Chinese medicine, helps an individual more readily cross ‘the pain barrier’. When an individual generates enough ‘endorphins’ (feel good hormones) the result is less pain, greater range of motion, improved recovery times and enhanced performance overall.

  • Increasing the potential benefits of each treatment
  • Dispersing toxins within the body 
  • Reducing pain substantially by breaking the pain cycle
  • Reducing healing time by improving blood flow to the affected area 
  • Dispersing oedema and swelling 

Chinese medicines potential for performance enhancement is enormous, affording and maintaining the natural processes within the body, while replenishing blood flow within the vital organs of the body itself.



Here at Home Visit Medicine: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our practitioners also have the ability to offer Medical Qigong rehabilitation exercises and healing. Whether during a specified treatment inside or outside of clinic, in a personal 1-on-1 setting, or in a group setting offered at the LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy (South Yarra).

Details can be found at the following address:

Medical Qigong can be utilised as a personalised home-care exercise regime, in the same way a physical therapist would prescribe an exercise therapy protocol. Remembering that Chinese medicine predates modern medicine by thousands of years.