Dietetics and Lifestyle Coaching


Chinese medicine dietetics relies on an individualised and specialised approach when considering the most correct fuel source for the body. Chinese medicine dietetics has an advanced and unique approach to health and well-being, following a specialised treatment protocol, to enable the best treatment outcome possible.

Chinese medicine’s view is that ‘food is medicine’; whether utilising whole foods, fresh organic produce and/or herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is wholly unique in its approach as it utilises what is known as the ‘five energies and the five flavours’.

Here at Home Visit Medicine: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine; our practitioners will investigate and discuss each individual clients dietary intake, in great detail. Recommending a specific diet that is most suitable to that particular individual. Chinese medicine is a uniquely and individually prescribed form of preventative medicine. Hence, each dietetic prescription is solely unique and prescribed solely to that particular client. This is what sets our dietetic apart, as we believe that every single individual is unique and thus requires a uniquely individual approach to healing.

For further information, please contact our Chinese medicine practitioner to discuss the most suitable and appropriate dietary advice, tailored individually to your needs.     

Lifestyle Coaching

Life style coaching has three main objectives during treatment:

  • Guiding the client – to release their inhibitions so they can more readily and more easily reach their goals
  • Empowering the client – to re-establish and further bolster their own self-esteem, regaining their own personal strength
  • Improving relationships – helping to navigate where they are in their life, and clarifying where they want to be

Areas that lifestyle coaching addresses:

  • Building powerful relationships (with self and with others, including establishing better self care habits)
  • Getting out of a rut (acknowledging difficulties and barriers that are preventing personal development and growth)
  • Communicating more effectively (within personal and professional relationships)
  • Making life progress more easily (establishing healthy and more helpful personal boundaries)
  • Living full lives in complete contentment (establishing personal worth and contentment within ones life)


Lifestyle coaching is expert advice provided by a trained professional, who provides a framework through questions and exercises, for an individual to discover the positive changes and impact they as an individual need to make.